Cordless angle grinders or portable oxyacetylene cutting torches in the hands of twenty or thirty peaceful non violent civilians working together could have the fence at Faslane down in a very short time.
Half a dozen peaceful protesters could use simple and safe techniques to close dozens of places that represent or administer Westminster’s  foreign policy in this country, places in Edinburgh like The Scotland office in Melville Street, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, or in Glasgow there’s the Milton Street Passport Office, Brand Street UK Borders Agency office, then there is Dungavel Detention Centre and  Balmoral…
Simpler acts like utilising a slow and friendly procession around all the pedestrian traffic signals in the city centres would create a bit of time for reading banners and enabling discussion of Ms May and her government’s policies.  Remembering Thatcher And the Poll Tax, remembering the threats of Scotland being forced out of Europe if it chose independence,  remembering the Tory consideration given to jobs for the miners in the 1980’s, will Brexit and Trident  renewal indicate such disregard of Scotland’s elected representatives that non co-operation with the state becomes inevitable?
Cat Boyd and others have been talking about nonviolent direct action and making Scotland ungovernable for long enough.