When life is difficult, going for a walk or a coffee, some breathing and relaxation can help and its just good to talk, sometimes more.

Personal support from Words and Actions may include some of the following:

  • providing the person supported with information or resources that is accessible and neutral to enable the person to explore their rights and the options open to them.
  • giving practical help with completing forms, making phone calls, writing letters etc.
  • accompanying and supporting people at meetings, in tribunals or enquiries, or taking notes for a person during a consultation or assessment, as an aide-memoire or to compose a task list after the event
  • enabling people to express their anxieties and their opinions about what is happening within a structured framework appropriate to their emotional capacity at the time.
  • supporting people to make their own decisions regarding matters that affect them, and to come to terms with factors over which, for whatever reason, they may not have control.

  • providing a listening ear and an opportunity for guided relaxation and gentle breating exercise

(This is not an exhaustive list, and the key to support is a mutual time-bound agreement, outlined in writing. Words and Actions follow data protection and confidentiality policies, available where appropriate)

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SAMH Information Service

Many of us are feeling worried or stressed about how coronavirus could affect our lives, as well as our loved ones.We may now be having to spend more time at home, perhaps isolated from the friends, family and other relationships that we know are vital to keeping ourselves mentally healthy. It may also be harder for us to do the things that normally help keep us well.There are things we can do to look after our mental wellbeing during this time.

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